Nukha Travel

We have been working in the field of nature tourism for up to 1 year, and we travel together in different parts of our country.

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Travel & Business

Our goal is to carry out nature tours in Azerbaijan in a better way and to sell the products needed for nature tourism.

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Eco Tourism

Despite being a financial-oriented tourism company, our goal is to protect nature and prevent any damages. We realize the possibility of existence only through this way.

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Mission & Values

The main target of our service is to give the best service to the people who join our tours or have any kind of business deal with Nukha Travel.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

More about Nukha

Nukha was established in August, 2018 as an outdoor activities club (Nukha Outdoor Club). It carries out tours mainly in nature including camping, hiking, climbing etc. Main purpose of Nukha is to gather people again in nature where they came from and where their souls find happiness. Nukha is a commercial travel company at the same time and its earnings come mainly from its trips to nature. With the launch of its website Nukha also starts to sale of outdoor goods needed for hiking, camping, climbing etc. Hence it is going to be the first initiative that gathers outdoor tours and sale of outdoor goods in one place.

Nukha is located in its country of origin, Azerbaijan. However, it aims to expand its activities all over the South Caucasus. As founder of Nukha I wish to find the chance to bring as many people as possible out to nature and let them have unforgettable memories.

In order to be aware of the upcoming events you can also subscribe to the Facebook page of our club by liking and turning on the function “see first”. Come and enjoy nature with us. You deserve to be happy.

Anar Abbasov

Founder and main guide

``Let us travel behind our dreams, there are surprises for us there .”


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